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Family Issues

Hyunsook June Yoon
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I found the entire script here.

I chose a scene where Dan and his daughters are talking in the car. The oldest daughter wants to drive, but Dan won't let her drive. The second daughter wants to date Marti but Dan thinks she is too young for dating anyone. Lastly, his youngest daughter gave him the reason why two of her sisters were not happy with him. Dan did not believe that she made it up by herself and kept asking who told her to say that. Obviously, they are having some family issues. This clip also includes lots of useful expressions for middle school students. It is also a good topic to adolescents because they might be the one who is going through similar situation with his or her parents in real life.

You can't keep me from Marty.

Dad, let me remind you that guys are half the world, and I'll find others.

But know that only Marty gets my heart.

- I know a really good driver. - No.


Here you go.

I think your sisters aren't very happy with me.

- Duh. - Why do you think?

You're a good father, but sometimes a bad dad.

- Who told you to say that? - No one.

Was it Jane or Cara? You can tell me.

- I made it up myself. - No. You didn't.

Which one of your sisters told you to say that?

I made it up myself. I'm in the fourth grade.

- I can make things up for myself. - Jane or Cara?

- I made it up myself. - Jane or Cara?

- I'm in the fourth grade. - She's in the fourth grade!

For task 1, I will have my students listen and find out what the feelings of the girls are.
For task 2, What is the name of the boy Cara loves? How old is Lilly?
For task 3, find out the reasons why Jane, Cara and Lilly are not happy.

After, they completed the three tasks, I will give them the script and we will go over the lines.

Expressions I would go over with my students:
-made something up oneself/ made something up for oneself
-get one's heart
-remind someone that SV
-keep someone from someone
-be in the fourth grade

For post activity
It was interesting to see how the synonyms father and dad are used differently in this part of the movie. They are easy words but seem to have slightly different meanings. Dad are more informal than father and father has more biological meaning in it. In Korean we also have 아빠 (dad) and 아버지 (father). Students can talk about what are the roles of dad and father. Also, what kind of parents they want to be in the future.

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Re: Family Issues

June^^ Thank you.
I need the script
by Hyunchung
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Re: Family Issues

Choi Kyong A
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In reply to this post by Hyunsook June Yoon
hi~June! Thank you for sharing the script!!!^^
As you told me , I was touched by watching this movie because Dan was dedicated his life all to three daughters so that it would be great idea to share it with middle school students. because many students have lot of various probelm and situation with their parents in real life.
But they don't know how to deal with each problem between family.
With this lesson students will have a chance to think about the meaning of family and importance of family! ^^